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Memberships in the Freedom Party of Canada are available to all Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who are ordinarily resident in Canada, who are sixteen (16) years of age or older, who are not members of another federal political party in Canada, and who agree with and support the FPCĺs Objectives and who agree to abide by the Freedom Party of Canada's Constitution. The Objectives of the Freedom Party of Canada are:

    1. encourage voters to vote for FPC candidates in federal elections and by-elections;

    2. to influence government through the election of FPC Members of Parliament, for the better protection in Canada of every individual's rights of life, liberty and property; and

    3. to build an organization of people who will work toward the achievement of Objectives (a) and (b).

Members will receive Freedom Party of Canada updates, and a subscription to Consent, Freedom Party's journal of ideas and opinions on individual freedom and personal responsibility. To become a member, print and sign a copy of the Application for Membership (You will need Adobe Reader software to view and print the document. Click here to obtain the software for free).

Send the signed application, together with a minimum membership fee of $10, to the head office of the Freedom Party of Canada. Welcome aboard.

Know Someone Else who May be Interested?

Consider printing off a copy of the Application for Membership and handing it to the person. If we all try to identify a potential Member or two, the Freedom Party of Canada will grow very well. Click here for the FPC Application for Membership: print off as many as you need.