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The Party

The Freedom Party of Canada is the federal complement to the Freedom Party of Ontario: an officially registered political party in the province of Ontario that was founded in 1984. Freedom Party was founded on the best of both liberal and conservative values: personal freedom and individual responsibility. We believe that, balanced together, these values are the blueprint for a better Canada.

If you believe that freedom and personal responsibility go hand in hand...

If you believe that the federal government exceeds its’ constitutional authority...

If you believe that taxes and debts are so high that they are preventing you from leading the kind of life you would like to live...

If you believe that all Canadians, regardless of sex, genetic differences, religion, or personal lifestyle choices, should be equal before and under the law...

If you share our belief that Canada should be free again...

...then Freedom Party has a lot in common with you.

Freedom Party. A voice for freedom, a choice for you.

Find Out More About our History and Achievements!

Many of the activities and efforts of Freedom Party's provincial affiliate in Ontario since 1984 have been documented in the official newsletter of the Ontario provincial party: the Freedom Flyer.  The full text of every issue is available online at the Freedom Party of Ontario website. Just click here to see the Table of Contents.